Poetry and Prints #3: 3 poets, 2 musician, and a printmaker…


“3 Poets, 2 Musician, and 1 Printmaker…”
Saturday, Nov. 15th
FREE; Poetry collections & broadsides will be available to help support the artists.

Poetry and Prints is an ongoing collaboration between Spudnik Press and House Press. It is a series of approachable, unpretentious, and progressive poetry readings combined with visual art and live music in a way that cultivates interesting and meaningful interactions among artists working in different disciplines, and our community.

Hot Whiskey Press was a contributor in the past, bu recently relocated to Prague.

Melissa Severin, Chicago, IL
Roberto Harrison, Milwaukee, WI
Aaron Lowinger, Buffalo, NY

The Scott Tuma dn Mike Weis Duo

“Not Recent Work”, by Angee Lennard, Director of Spudnik Press. Angee will be going to go out on a limb and showing her own work. She’ll be putting together an installation of older projects as a stepping stone to creating some new work.