NOTICE – CLOSED: Heaven Gallery Sep 25



Jeremy Lundquist

Sep 25, 2009 – Oct 17, 2009

Opening Reception:

Friday, Sep 25, 2009, 7 – 10 pm
Gallery hours by appointment.

Heaven Gallery and Spudnik Press are pleased to present NOTICE – CLOSED, featuring new work by Jeremy Lundquist as well as A Unique Marquee, a group show of work produced at Spudnik Press. Jeremy created his most recent series of work while an artist in residence this past summer at Spudnik, here in Chicago. Jeremy worked with the Director of Spudnik Press, Angee Lennard, to select work for A Unique Marquee.
Jeremy Lundquist’s NOTICE – CLOSED is a series of 21 etchings featuring a long list of represented sites, both historic and less so. Lundquist toys with the space between being forgotten and not being remembered. His imagery could evoke the great American road tour, complete with commemorative landmarks representing America’s richest histories. However, Lundquist documents not the sweeping landscape of the Grand Canyon, but the informative signage of Carl Sandburg’s birthplace, or the safety rails and steps at Monks Mound near Collinsville, IL. He most often references places and memories he has not experienced first hand, resorting to the use of printed pamphlets, internet searches, and tourist photographs for source material.

During his residency at Spudnik Press, Lundquist approached printmaking like a child with a new Etch-A-Sketch: creating an image, erasing it, and eagerly creating another image. Using only a single copper plate to create his entire body of work, the plate itself has been transformed into a physical representation of memory. The prints created from that plate are a documentation of memory as an active entity.
Resident Artists at Spudnik Press create their body of work in a communal studio. With three months of studio use, they necessarily become integrated into the community of artists at the press. It is for this reason that we have paired Lundquist’s work with a collection of artwork by members and long-time printers at Spudnik Press. A Unique Marquee is a manifestation of the many ways that the community at Spudnik Press fuels the creation of diverse artworks and a supportive network for Chicago printmakers. Artists selected to show their work include Anya Davidson, Lauren Anderson, Stan Shellabarger, Stacey Colangelo, Onsmith, and Paul Nudd.

Heaven Gallery
1550 N Milwaukee
2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60622