Free junk from our home to yours!

About a month ago, we had a big cleaning day and found some under or unused items that the press owns. We posted them to Craigslist, thinking we would make buck AND free up some space in the studio. Alas, most of what we unearthed is still here…

It needs a home!

If you want anything listed above, either stop by the studio and take it home OR send an e-mail, see if we still have it, and set up a time to pick it up. Donations for these items are super appreciated, but not required…

Clockwise from top left:
A. Adapter for a mac. From what to what, I don’t know.
B. 96 Cloth Pins
C. Walkman!
D. HP Scanner with attachment for scanning slides
E. A Boatload of free pens
F. Organizer, black plastic
H. HP LaserJet Printer, prints 8.5″x11″