Seeking Donations

As we gear up to move this spring, we are looking for a variety of tools. We are hoping to have much donated as we suspect some of these items might be sitting in closets going unused. E-mail or call us if you have something you would like to donate!

Small Items:

Cordless telephone
Flat head screwdriver
6 pairs of scissors
6 exacto knives
3 stacking or folding stools
6 soft speedball brayers, 3-6”
push broom
tear bar
spray bottles
paint brushes (small and large)
joint compound
white wall paint
paint rollers
letterpress inks

Large Items:

kitchen cabinets
plate cutter
large drying rack
automated screenprinting press
vacuum exposure table
vandercook letterpress
2-4 flat files
hot plate
microgauges and steel bed for for Conrad E-24 etching press
36″x48″ self-healing cutting mat
risograph machine