Newbie Not Novice: An Exhibition of Student Work

Newcomer Not Novice

An Exhibition of Student Work

Part of the 1821 Loft Open House, in partnership with Chicago Artists Month with a special visit from The Tamale Spaceship
October 14 – November 4, 2011

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 14, 2011

Spudnik Press
1821 W Hubbard, Suite 302

Each year, Spudnik Press introduces over 60 artists to printmaking processes like Screenprinting, Relief printing and Intaglio. Our student body is diverse, bringing an astounding array of experiences to the classroom. Students often bring advanced skills in graphic design, painting, photography, and other creative fields. Other students are making artwork for the first time in many years, reclaiming ownership of the handmade. We are constantly surprised by the caliber of work coming from Introductory classes, and are always excited to follow up on what past students have done with the foundation skills they learned at the studio.

In this vein, this fall we will be celebrating the educational component of Spudnik Press with an exhibition of artwork by Spudnik Press students and teachers. Newbie Not Novice includes work creating within classes as well as new work by students who continue to incorporate printmaking into their practice. We will also be highlighting Spudnik’s teaching artists, and the experiences they bring to our classes.

Participating Artists:
Matt Bergstrom
Liz Born
Paloma Cortez
Jessica A. de la Cruz
Krystal DiFranco
Brian Hofmeister
Emily Klein
Angee Lennard
Maija Lundgren
Sean D. McKay
Erin K. Nolan
Becky D. Padilla
Colin Palombi
Kelly Parsell
Monica Ray
Emily Serruto
Laura Vergara
Troy Wiitala