CSA Farm Update!


Your vegetables are progressing nicely. We are looking at mid June as our first pick-up but will email one more time towards the end of May to give you the actual start date.

The farm staff is moving quickly this week since it has been “the only consecutively nice days since September” according to Todd and, according to the weather channel, bound to rain again.

All farmers in this region have had to delay their plantings due to cold, wet and just plain wet soil.  We did get spinach seeded before the rain, which has germinated. Kale, chard and broccoli have been/are being transplanted this week until the rain returns.

We do a few things to make sure the crops transplant well. One thing we do is blast them with fans while they grow indoors, to condition them to the world outside. We have put a thin covering of fabric (“row cover”) over the transplants this week to protect against any surprise frosts and to hopefully discourage bunnies. Lots of transplants await indoors and they will be ready when the soil is! Todd is continuing his work on the high tunnels, digging holes for concrete to anchor them. Oh, the saga of the high tunnels!

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