Neanderthal Planet

Featured Artists:

Liz Born
Gabe Hoare
Caleb Plattner
Luke Daly
Brandy Barker
Veronica Siehl


8/10/2013 – 9/13/2013


The Annex @ Spudnik Press

Opening Reception:

Saturday, August 10, 2013, 6-9pm

Press Release:

Attn: SalvageCore; Science Division A.Centauri

The remains of an ancient research vessel have been intercepted in orbit of 51 Pegasi C. Our records indicate that this privately chartered, pre-ansible ship was launched 30 centuries ago on a colony mission during the Terran Diaspora. Preliminary scans indicate prodigious flora of an unknown classification. Prepare for Bio-quarantine Protocol 6. Recovery of the vessel is immanent; status of crew: unknown. Report for debriefing at SpaceHUB1821

Neanderthal Planet is a print-based installation, time capsule, and anthropological anomaly. Travel there firsthand at the Annex. Refreshments will be served.

New Work from Liz Born, Gabe Hoare, Caleb Plattner, Luke Daly, Brandy Barker & Veronica Siehl