New Work from Our Publishing Program

This past month Spudnik Press has had the pleasure of working with artist Russ White in recreating a few of his drawings through our Publishing Program.

This project includes a series four screenprinted posters based off a body of work entitled “Small Arms”

On his website, Russ describes his series of drawings:

“The drawings here investigate our fear from different perspectives through several bodies of work: a series of bright, unsettling shooting range targets; a day in the life of a classic police target; and a darkly funny take on the anxiety and anonymity of crowds… the work uses simple constructions to mine complicated themes. Criminals, victims, cartoons, and crowds all play a role here in questioning our societal rage and reminding us not to lose sight of a villain’s humanity.”

These prints as well as many other drawings and prints will be on display at “Peepers“, a show at Humboldt House on August 9th from 6-11.

For more information about our Publishing Program, please contact Ashlee or Angee at