Stability Dynamics by Jeremy Lundquist: On view through 9/13

Stability Dynamics

New Work by Jeremy Lundquist

Stability Dynamics is a series of etchings produced during the Grant Wood Fellowship at the University of Iowa that directly reproduce, alter and layer fragments of the Joint Chief of Staff’s diagram, “Afghanistan Stability/COIN Dynamics.” The work is a critique of the current military and diplomatic strategy of the U.S. in Afghanistan while examining the futility of diagramming the chaos of war. The process involves printing each section from a single plate as information is built up and then scraped away. Lundquist pulls prints along the away as text and image materialize, linger, and disappear. This technique helps provide viewers the opportunity to consider and question how history and policy is constructed.

Stability Dynamics was installed as part of the 2013 Printers’ Ball: Trip and Return. His work will be on display in the printshop through September 13, 2014. See more of Jeremy Lunquist’s work