The Holes Is How We Got Through: New work by Veronica Siehl

Featured Artists:

Veronica Siehl


11/02/2013 – 11/29/2013


The Annex @ Spudnik Press

Opening Reception:

Saturday November 2, 2013 6:00-9:00pm

Press Release:

The Holes is How We Got Through is a solo exhibition of cyanotypes and letterpress broadsides made while Veronica Siehl was Artist In Residence at Spudnik Press from June to August, 2013. Drawing influence from daily life and observation, Siehl’s handset poems are a nod to life’s transient moments. Her narrative writing unravels to reveal themes of transformation, potential, longing and transference. Homage is paid to the emotions that transcend our daily lives to take on a life of their own. Through pairing the repetitive process of letterpress with the fluidity of cyanotype, the broadsides are at once ethereal and palpable. Shadow is used as both metaphor and a means to capture, transfer and record, thus becoming a stand-in for memory. The Holes is How We Got Through is pause and breath, glimpse and invitation.