Five Reasons to Support and Sustain

Dear Friends,

As 2013 comes to a close, we asked our dedicated Board of Directors to reflect on how Spudnik Press is unique in serving our community and support the arts, and why you should consider supporting Spudnik. Here is what they had to say:

We bring people together

From the free artist talks and lectures we offer, to our collaborations with larger organizations like Homeroom for Ten x Ten, and the Poetry Foundation for The Printers Ball, engaging with our Chicago community is at the core of who we are.

We welcome everyone

Spudnik Press Cooperative supports artists and students from all backgrounds through field trips, internships, publishing projects, group classes, and private lessons. We collaborate with high school poets, nursing home residents, public school teachers, musicians, graphic designers, and established artists.This cross-pollination provides a unique context for individuals to connect to their communities through visual art.

We meet people where they are at

Whether you need to print a single t-shirt, develop a full product line, or learn a traditional printmaking process, Spudnik has something to offer you. However, Spudnik Press isn’t just a place to take classes and make art. We offer creative programming to support artists and aspiring artists at any stage of their career including professional development, internships, residencies, and apprenticeships. These services are often offered at low or no cost to the artists.

We are committed to being affordable

Accessibility and affordability are key parts of Spudnik’s missionm so we aim to keep our fees and tuitions low, and offer avenues to those who cannot afford studio access through subsidized apprenticeships, youth field trips, community workshops and more. Your support will increase opportunities we are able to offer to those who cannot afford Spudnik.

We invest your donations wisely

Each dollar contributed to our mission is spent judiciously, and all earned income is completely reinvested in our programming. An average of $33 per day is spent on art supplies, which adds up to over $12,000 each year. $150 covers one month of insurance. $750 pays for one Artist Residency. Even a small donation can help fund an exhibition or youth field trip, and ensures that we can keep costs low for all that use our studio.

Studio fees, tuition, and earned income only cover a portion of our operating expenses. The rest comes from people like you. Please consider making a donation to support our work. 

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