Chef Spotlight #4: Comfort Station

Today we introduce Comfort Station, a community-focused art space located in the heart of Logan Square.

What is the most comforting thing about Comfort Station?

I’m pleased to report that the hot air trapped in our space by storm windows and insulation is the most comfortable thing about our space, in the winter at least. We’re all very excited to be able to live up to our name when we re-open our programs this winter.

In what ways does your chili recipe embody your organization?

It’s got a lot going on, is somewhat thrown together, but everything resolves to a richly layered experience in the end.

Which celebrity would you most like to share a bowl a chili with and why?

Peter Falk (RIP). There are numerous Columbo episodes where he is obsessed with chili, either at a french restaurant as a way of unsettling his fancy-pants suspect, or as part of some convoluted story that implies a folksy aloofness while (once again) unsettling the culprit. Plus, Peter Faulk is the chili of actors, with his perfect balance of comfort and seasoning.

Do you have any words of warning to your competitors?

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. Or three I guess, if you count the runner up prizes.

What does Spudnik Press love about Comfort Station?

In no time at all, Comfort Station has become a cornerstone of Logan Square. The unique architecture and history of what is often referred to as the gnome house contributes to the community-focused vibe of every event they host. Some of our favorite events have been art exhibitions in the spring and summer. Galleries tend to err on the formal side and be windowless rooms with strong lighting. So we find it rejuvenating to look and artwork in a space that has its doors wide open, a refreshing breeze, and green grass just a few feet away. Read more about Comfort Station!