Store Feature: Ingrid Olson, Jessica Taylor Caponigro, and Nicole Kita

Three more collections of prints from some of our past artists in residence have been added to our online store: Ingrid Olson completed her residency in the summer of 2011. Interested in the concept of slowing down time, Olson enlarges her works in an attempt to make small moments less manageable. Her process begins by enlarging original grease pencil drawings which carry the slight texture of paper through the mark making. During her residency, Olson completed a series of singular screen printed drawings, enlarged from smaller charcoal drawings. During her summer 2010 residency, Jessica Taylor Caponigro examined the psychological affects of seemingly faux luxury materials and artificial domestic items. She is interested in the dichotomy of synthetic materials and their ability to maintain beauty while inherently retaining a sense of their own failure. During her residency, Taylor Caponigro printed a subtly complex edition of etchings; wallpaper patterns inspired by class differences in George Eliot’s Middlemarch (1874). Nicole Kita was our artist in residence in the fall of 2011. During her residency, Kita investigated the mimetic qualities, transactional symbols, and legitimizing practices of ritual, or symbolic healing. A healer evokes symbols or metaphors in dramatic action and aesthetic performance that provide a material language through which a patient can express, understand, or transform the personal or interpersonal conflicts underlying his or her illness.