Summer Print Pass Offers New Graduates Affordable Printshop Access

The Summer Print Pass offers college students and new graduates extensive access to all facilities at Spudnik Press Cooperative. 13 consecutive weeks of Weekly Access ($60/week value) allow artists transitioning from school the opportunity to continue creating prints post-graduation, meet a non-academic community of artists, and continue developing their portfolio or begin a new body of artwork. All artists who meet the requirements can receive this non-competitive opportunity.

The Summer Print Pass Includes:

+ 13 consecutive weeks of Weekly Access (June 2 through August 28).
+ Weekly Access Hours: Tuesday through Friday 12-5pm.
+ Annual Membership ($60 value).
+ Limited personal storage; access to a shared flat file drawer.


+ Graduated from a post-secondary school between now and 12/1/2014.
+ Attend a free orientation before using Weekly Access.
+ Is proficient in at least one area of print offered at Spudnik Press.
+ Submit the $300 fee online or in person by June 1, 2015

To take advantage of this opportunity, call or email Studio Manager, Veronica Siehl ( Please include your name, university, and areas of print you would like to be authorized for. Questions are welcome, however, our free orientation addresses the vast majority of questions regarding printing at Spudnik Press.

Download a PDF with Summer Print Pass details