Discipline and Distraction

Featured Artist:

Devin Owsley-Aquilia


3/04/2016 – 3/26/2016


The Annex @ Spudnik Press

Corresponding Events:

Opening Reception

Friday, March 4, 2016

Gallery Talk

Friday, March 4, 2016
6:00 p.m.

Press Release:

‘Discipline and Distraction’ is a body of work by Devin Owsley-Aquilia inspired by her transition into Chicago, into isolation and a new understanding of what it means to be present. “To accept challenge and change, I use material to guide myself through these mental obstacles to reach a place of poise and clarity. Layered images of abstracted landscapes derived from personal experiences, place, relationship, behavior and interaction are inscribed into copper plates, informing the basis of which my work manifests. The importance of line and act of carving speak to a growing dialogue between material and my person as well my emotional attachment to place.” The image transferred into a physical print serves as an artifact, a portrayal of momentary consciousness that nurtured self-discipline and potential.

Artist Statement:

In my work, abstracted images derived from anatomical forms emerge through the use of methodical printmaking and drawing process. With focus on detail and mass, these forms become expressive gestures of movement, intimacy and identity. The images reveal an understanding of what forms define the sacred and emphasize moments of female identity. I seek the potential in creation through the intricacies of human form and the natural world to further a conversation between material and person.