Support our Mission! Join our Board of Directors!

This summer, Spudnik Press Cooperative is expanding out Board of Directors! We are reaching out to our friends and family to help us connect with amazing people that are passionate about our mission and have the capacity to contribute to Spudnik Press.

Just what exactly does our Board of Directors do?

In short, our Board is the driving force behind the long-term vision and strategy of Spudnik Press. Our Board is currently a team of seven people whose professions and experiences include fundraising, marketing, accounting, business, program development, curating, and of course printmaking.

They work together to assess our work, support our staff and to develop future plans for the studio. All of this support is in addition to their endless work helping Spudnik Press raise funds. They are the driving force behind our fall Annual Benefit and they are always finding ways to bring more supporters to Spudnik Press Cooperative.

Who do we need to join our Board?

First of all, perfect candidate will fully endorse Spudnik Press Cooperative and our approach to providing accessible and affordable opportunities to anyone who wishes to be creative through printmaking.

Additionally, we are looking to round out our board by bringing on new Directors with a few skill sets. Specifically, we are seeking people with law, board governance, board development, public relations and data assessment expertise. Plus, we hope to bring on a current Spudnik Press member, an artist that knows our organization well and can represent, through first hand experience, the needs of our community and the artists we work so closely with.

What is the next step?

We have a special opportunity for Board of Director candidates on Tuesday, May 10.

So if you are interested in joining the board, please email Founder and Director, Angee Lennard. Please share a little bit about yourself and why you might like to join the board. We’ll follow up with details about the opportunity, including time commitments, specific responsibilities, financial commitments and benefits (like a free Annual Membership!) and go from there!

We’ll be officially swearing in new officers at our Annual Member Meeting in August.