Join Our 10 Year Anniversary Steering Committee

On June 8, 2017, Spudnik Press Cooperative celebrates a milestone: Our 10th Anniversary!

To help bring vision and enthusiasm (and ideally increased financial support) to this landmark year for our organization, we are developing a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will include as diverse of a group of stakeholders as possible including staff, board members, program alumni from classes, residencies, fellowship, etc, Teaching Artists and Annual Members.

The objectives of the Steering Committee are to:

1. Bring cohesion to the 2017/2018 Calendar
2. Integrate broad community input from a variety of constituents
3. Support and augment staff and board work, allowing for bigger and/or better 2017/2018 programs.
4. Bring creativity, vision, freshness and vigor to our 10th year.

The Steering Committee will brainstorm, evaluate, and ultimately shape how Spudnik Press Cooperative’s 10th year anniversary can have a large and lasting impact. Topics that will be addressed include:
– How can we mobilize our members to help spread awareness of Spudnik Press?
– Can we scale up peer-to-peer member-led fundraising events/programs?
– Are their urgent studio-based improvements that should be sought after in 2017/2018?
– How can our regular programs be integrated with special anniversary events or fundraising?
– How can an anniversary event best showcase the mission and vision of Spudnik Press Cooperative?

What is Involved?

– Attend a 10 Year Anniversary Kick-Off Planning session on Saturday, September 10, 1-5pm.
– Attend monthly meetings Oct 2016 through July 2018, tentatively scheduled for Thursdays 6-8pm.
– Provide additional volunteer support for public programming related to the 10 Year Anniversary.
– Act as a general ambassador for Spudnik Press Cooperative (You probably already do this anyway!)
– Take on additional responsibilities as needed and as able.

Who are we looking for?

– Current members
– Teaching artists and past students
– Past fellows, residents, apprentices and interns
– Artists that we have published or that have participated in an exhibition.
– Artists and community members at large that have an investment in Spudnik Press Cooperative.
– Individuals with a general interest in organizing, fundraising, and event planning

To Sign Up:

– Email Please include your name and phone number.
– Anyone is welcome to attend the Kick-Off on Saturday, September 10 regardless of their ability to commit to the full committee!