Chili Babbles #8: Eating Contests

Did you know…

The first recorded eating contest is featured in Norse mythology, when Loki challenged Logi to a meat-eating race. Both gods ate their meat in record time, but Logi ate the bones and the plates too, securing himself the win.

The first eating contest with human competitors was likely in the late 1800s, as carnival organizers found a new to sell food and draw a crowd all at the same time. Since then, eating contests have sprung up around the world. Here’s some of our favorite food-focused records:

7 sticks of butter in 5 minutes
49 donuts in 8 minutes
A 22 oz Slurpee in 9 seconds
35 BBQ brisket sandwiches in 10 minutes
275 jalapeno peppers in 8 minutes

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