Spudnik Press Welcomes Four New Studio Fellows

This fall, Spudnik Press Cooperative is hosting our ninth cohort of fellows. Through our Fellowship Program, four artists will receive full studio access and professional development opportunities through May 2018. In addition to developing their personal body of artwork, each fellow leads works with artists at our studio by leading one Open Studio session each week.
Their Fellowships will culminate in Spring 2018 with a full day of activities at Spudnik Press programmed by the fellows to share back with our community.They each look forward to meeting our community, and with the support of our network of artists, learning new skills, finding resources throughout the city to support or inspire their practice, and sharing their own art practice.

2018 Fellows

Molly Berkson is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in paper, print, book, and fiber crafts. She has a fondness for the subcultures and subcultural practices that employ amateur and anti-authoritarian ideologies, and an appreciation for craft in all its forms–in its distinct and intermingling boundaries. In her practice, she patchworks together these specific aesthetic practices and do-it-yourself methods.

Ben Garbus is an artist working in Chicago. He holds a BA from Oberlin College and has exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and SPACES Gallery in Cleveland. Garbus hails from western Massachusetts.

Brendan Robson graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Graphic Design in May of 2017. As a designer Brendan enjoys exploring the areas of intersection between analog and digital content and the opportunities for discovery that exists within that space. Primarily focused on aspects of design, printmaking, and multimedia installation, Brendan’s personal body of work addresses themes of memory constructs, genetics, digital identity, and stasis.

Cristina Umaña is a Colombian artist who recently finished her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work is characterized by drawings done with a funky, loose line that reanimates deformed bodies and quotidian moments. Her drawings, which intertwine language and form, create a mood that is both ironic and intimate. She currently lives and works in Chicago.