10th Anniversary Campaign: 55% to $65,000

As of 1/11/2018, we have made it 55% towards our goal of raising $65,000 goal from individuals and businesses by June 2018. Our organization is so grateful to the 275 people who contributed $35,906 thus far.

We are asking our community to consider donating $50, $25, or even just $5 to enable us provide continue and improve the caliber of programs that we offer Chicago’s creative community.

Ways to Support our Campaign:

  1. Make a cash donation. Join our Giving Circle with a $250+ donation.
  2. Become a Spudnik Press Member.
  3. Contribute specifically to the Equipment Fund.
  4. Ask your employer to become a Sponsor.
  5. Add a $1 donation when you attend Open Studio sessions.


Make a tax deductible donation