Behind The Chili Interview Series: Barrel Maker Printing

As we gear up for the Hashbrown Showdown on Saturday, February 24, we are excited to introduce a few of our featured chefs in a series of interviews. First up: Barrel Maker Printing!

All the cool kids screen print their own t-shirts. If, for some reason, that’s not possible the cool kids get their shirts printed at Barrel Maker. Just glance at their Instagram feed (@barrelmakerprinting) and you will know it’s true.

The folks at Barrel Maker are some of the coolest and most creative that we’ve known in the world of Chicago screen printing. Even though their presses are now based in Elk Grove, they keep a foot in Chi with a remote office in Logan Square.

We asked Zach Corn, VP of Sales, a few questions to acquaint those that have not met Barrel Maker. While we can speak to their caliber of awesome, you’ll have to come out to The Hashbrown Showdown to gauge the caliber of their chili.

SP: Where did the name Barrel Maker Screenprinting come from?

ZC: The Owners’ first kid was named Cooper, named after Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks. Since a Cooper is someone who makes Barrels, they figured it would be a cool Ode to Cooper.

SP: Who will be the lead chili chef? How did they earn that honor?

ZC: I’m actually going to be the lead Chef on this journey. My wife and I have a few chili swaps every year and it isn’t a huge departure for me to make some chili and sling it to some friends.

SP: What is the craziest or weirdest event that you’ve done live screen printing at?

ZC: Lollapalooza was pretty crazy just with the amount of people there and the format. We also did one at an opening event for a climbing gym. People really enjoy seeing printing happening. You can easily take the process for granted when you see it every day.

SP: Do you have a pet peeve regarding file prep? If you could give one tip to our artists about how to better prepare their file for printing, what would it be?

ZC: I don’t like when files are Just call it something. And keeping everything on one artboard and not giving just the art that is needed. If the preview is of something we aren’t even printing, it could be cleaner. In the end though I’m usually just happy people are working with us.

SP: Thanks Zach! And for you cool kids that print your own shirts, check out Barrel Maker’s line of eco-social-friendly apparel, Allmade.

The Hashbrown Show Down:
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