New Directions

Dear friends of Spudnik,

Since I founded Spudnik Press Cooperative 15 years ago, I have lived and breathed every moment for the betterment of the organization. Printmaking in all of its forms is who I am, so while this is hard to say, the organization is ready for change in order to grow stronger and continue its journey.  

As many people may know, I had a long-planned sabbatical that was supposed to start in April 2020. However, the pandemic had different ideas. I stayed on and through my efforts we were able to secure needed funding to remain open and viable, and offer ongoing studio access to the artists who rely on our studio. Now that the emergency is over, I intend to take a creative retreat in order to explore what is next for me.

As part of this transition, I support the open call for applications for a new Executive Director.  I will be available during this search and for an expected transition period though Mid May. Between now and when a new Executive Director is fully onboarded, the Board of Directors will be determining the short and long-term strategy of the organization.

I founded Spudnik Press Cooperative with the aspiration of creating a cooperative space where printmakers can thrive. Together, with the support and dedication of the community, it has grown to become a dynamic organization built on a multi-faceted, welcoming, and resilient studio model.

I have loved my time at Spudnik Press, and deeply appreciate the opportunities I have had to collaborate with our staff, board of directors, teaching artists, members, and students, the countless artists who’ve come through our studio and our programs, and the staff, artists, and students of the dozens institutions and organizations we’ve partnered with over the years. 

I look forward to staying connected.  

With gratitude for your ongoing support,
Angee Lennard
Founding Director of Spudnik Press Cooperative