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Orr Gidon

Orr Gidon currently resides in Chicago as a freelance artist, designer, and fabricator. Gidon recently earned their BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where they studied Printmedia and 3D Design & Fabrication. In their 2D work, Gidon is stimulated by pattern, repetition of line and shape to create visual movements and optical illusions. Within their 3D practice, Gidon explores concepts of change and movement through processes of material manipulation, particularly using wood, metal, and glass.

Their design work emphasizes principles of ergonomics, multi-functionality, and sustainability with a sculptural approach. Part of their time is spent working with steel at Manifold, a metal furniture fabrication studio, and building light fixtures at Hangout Lighting.

Classes by this Artist:

Screenprinting 201: Textiles

April Sheridan

April Sheridan is a letterpress printer who is particularly interested in the artistic and experimental possibilities of the broadside and its historic place in American culture. For ten years she ran the letterpress printing, papermaking, and bookbinding studios at the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago. As an advocate for book arts education she has spoken at Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum Wayzgoose/Educators Conference,Letterpress: Forward Thinking Conference at St. Bride Library in London, and at the &Now Conference at CalArts. She currently serves on the boards of the American Printing History Association, Inland Chapter and the WasteShed and was previously assistant director of the Chicago Printers Guild.

Classes by this Artist:

Letterpress I: Wood and Metal Type (Sep 2016)
Letterpress I: Wood and Metal Type (March 2017)

Jake Saunders

Jake Saunders is a Chicago artist working in printmaking as well as drawing and painting. Hailing from Muncie, Indiana, Jake grew up with a love for a variety of narrative based art forms, which became his focus in his art practice. After becoming fascinated with the unique aesthetics of woodcuts and etchings and their aptitude for seriality and multiplicity, Jake earned a BFA and MA in printmaking from Ball State University and went on to earn his MFA at the University of Connecticut. He has since gone on to show nationally and internationally. Today, Jake’s work amalgamates narratives to explore the concept of tragedy in forms both grand and mundane.



Residency Period:

Sep 2016–Dec 2016

Project Statement:

Through the use of pre­-established and widely known narratives, my works use symbols, references and visual tropes as a foil for personal and often common experiences. My use of these stories provides a ready-­made visual language of symbolic and allegorical tools in which I utilize to my own ends.

An array of artists have frequently used self images as acts of strategic and symbolic significance. Caravaggio frequently portrayed himself as the dismembered head of Goliath, Medusa or Saint John the Baptist while leading an extremely self destructive and violent life. In the same fashion I utilize my self image and the images of friends and loved ones strategically. This way my works tell a story within the confines of another story.

Using a well known narrative to express things outside its traditional confines, I inevitably comment upon the narrative itself, its subject or its origin. I often use a story against itself to criticize, subvert or bring to light problematic areas of a culturally relevant anecdote.

Print media is philosophically in line with the storyteller. The print’s high aptitude for multiplicity and seriality go hand in hand with storytelling and its need for proliferation. However, more than anything, I view print media like intaglio and relief as a way of extending the act of drawing. As a natural draftsman, I often engage printmaking as a means of refinement.

Classes by this Artist:

Relief Printmaking

Grace Calderone

Teaching Artist

Grace Calderone is a Graphic Designer, Calligrapher, and Printer. She earned her BFA in Graphic Arts from Columbia College Chicago in 2015. Her work can be found in breweries across Indiana, and focuses heavily on the uses of hand lettering and typography. She currently lives and works in Chicago.



Classes by this Artist:

Modern Calligraphy

Rachel Foster

Rachel Foster is an artist and printmaker living in Chicago. She has an MFA from the California College of the Arts and a BFA from Columbia College Chicago. Her work has been shown at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Southern Exposure, and Western Exhibitions, amongst others.



Classes by this Artist:

Screenprinting Photos: Halftones and Found Images

Keara McGraw

Keara McGraw is a Chicago-based illustrator whose passion for storytelling just barely eclipses that for peanut butter. She holds a BFA in Illustration from Columbia College Chicago, and was named Columbia College’s 2015 Illustrator of the Year.

Illustration is her library, and she loves archiving details through research and linework. She began screenprinting because her heart felt a calling for handmade kitchen towels, and thinks ironing is cathartic. She will never stop drawing birds.



Classes by this Artist:

Wearable Prints: Screen Print Your Own… (Sep 2016)
Wearable Prints: Screen Print Your Own…
T-Shirts & Totebags Screenprinting Workshop
T-Shirts & Totebags Screenprinting Workshop

Mary Clare Butler

Mary Clare Butler is an artist and designer from Chicago. Through process-driven offset and letterpress printing, her work investigates the relationship between modes of production and the representation of ideas. She received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts from Columbia College Chicago (2016) and her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago (2009). In 2015, she co-founded Fata Morgana Press with Amy Leners (MFA, 2015). Together they collaborate on a variety of publishing projects, experimental prints, and artists’ books.



Classes by this Artist:

Self-Publishing Offset Apprenticeship
Offset Printing: High Speed Print Production
Offset Printing: High Speed Print Production

Leila Abdelrazaq

Leila Abdelrazaq is a Palestinian, Chicago-based artist, author, and activist. Her debut graphic novel, Baddawi, was shortlisted for the 2015 Palestine Book Awards. She is also the author and illustrator of a variety of short comic zines. She views alternative comix as a powerful political tool in social movements.

Leila graduated from DePaul University in 2015 with a BFA in Theatre Arts and a BA in Arabic Studies. Her work has been featured in World War 3 Illustrated, the Electronic Intifada, and PEN America. She has given workshops and spoken on the intersections of art and activism in classrooms, bookstores, and community centers from Bridgeview to Beirut.

Classes by this Artist:

Saturday Morning Comics Club
Saturday Morning Illustration Club
Saturday Morning Zine Club

Carla Fisher Schwartz

Based in Chicago, IL, Carla Fisher Schwartz is a visual artist and educator interested in the relationship between the mapped image and contemporary notions of exploration, virtuality, and the simulated environment. Recent exhibitions include the Chicago Artists Coalition, the President’s Gallery at Harold Washington College, the Hyde Park Art Center, and the McKendree University Art Gallery.  She received her MFA in Visual Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, where she was awarded the Bell Cramer Award in Printmaking, and her BA in Studio Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz.



Classes by this Artist:

Pronto Plate Lithography
The Great Pronto Plate: Polymer Plate Lithography

Angelika Piwowarczyk

Angelika Piwowarczyk is a Chicago artist, printmaker, designer and occasional photographer.  At the root of her work lies her love for travel, learning and culture.  She runs Design by Angelika, a practice which focuses on travel-based screenprint and letterpress work, as well as personalized invitation design.  Alongside her design work, She also draws, paints and makes  artist’s books whenever she can.  Angelika earned a BA in Studio Art and Spanish from DePaul University.



Classes by this Artist:

Screenprinting on Canvas: Make Your Own Wall Art (WI2015)
Screenprinting on Canvas: Make Your Own Wall Art
Card Making Workshop: Hand Lettering and Screenprinting
Screenprint Your Own Gift Set
DIY Gifts: Kitchen Tea Towels
Hand Lettering Workshop
Screenprinting on Canvas: Make Your Own Wall Art
DIY Greeting Cards: Screenprinting
Illustrative Lettering: Combining Word & Image
Make Your Own Wall Art: Chicago Edition
Adobe Illustrator for Printmakers
DIY Screenprinted Tea Towels

Hannah King

Hannah King received her MFA from Columbia College Chicago in Interdisciplinary Arts: Book and Paper Arts in 2013 and her BFA from Memphis College of Art in 2008. Her practice incorporates a wide range of mediums with an emphasis on alternative image making techniques in letterpress printing, hand papermaking, and bookbinding. She currently lives and works in Chicago.



Classes by this Artist:

Letterpress Print Your Own Valentines
Letterpress Print Your Own Cards (WI2015)
Mothers Day Letterpress Workshop
Letterpress II: Polymer
Letterpress Your Own Cards (SU2015)
Letterpress Your Own Cards (11/8/2015)
Letterpress Your Own Cards (12/6/2015)
Letterpress Your Own Cards (Winter 2016)

Matt Davis

Matt Davis is a printmaker and occasional cartoonist, illustrator, and designer. He runs a very small Risograph print shop called Perfectly Acceptable that offers affordable commission printing as well as a curated series of artist prints and books. He graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in Russian Language a few years ago.



Classes by this Artist:

Risography 101
Risography 101 (Feb 2015)
Risography (April 2015)
Risography 101 (May2015)
Risography 101 (June 2015)
Risography 101 (July 2015)
Risography 101 (Aug 2015)
Risography 101 (Sep 2015)
Risography 101 (Oct 2015)
Risography 101 (Nov 2015)
Risography 101 (Jan 2016)
Risography 101 (March 2016)
Risography 101 (May 2016)
Risography 101 (June 2016)
Risography 101 (August 2016)
Risography 101 (Sep 2016)
Risography 101 (Oct 2016)
Risography 101 (January 2017)
Risography 101 (February 2017)
Risography 101 (April 2017)
Risography 201: From Pre-Press to Publication
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