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Clamshell Box Making Workshop

Clamshell boxes are ideal for housing a portfolio of prints, photos, artist books, memorabilia, or tools. This style of box features a durable tray that safely holds the contents in place with a drop spine and hinged lid that allows the box open like a book and lay flat. This sturdy little box can be scaled to accommodate just about any content.

During this workshop students will construct a 6″x8″ box and build comfort and confidence in a variety of bookbinding skills: measuring and cutting book board, using a glue brush, wrapping boards with paper and book cloth, and planning for hinges that allow the box to easily open and close.

Between steps, as glue dries, students will also create a “perfect bound” sketchbook to fit inside their handmade box.  To allow everyone to create a box that suits his or her style, we encourage students to bring along two sheets of decorative paper to cover their box with.

T-shirts & Totebags Screenprinting Workshop

Convert your own drawing or design to a collection of hand-printed wearable items in this energetic and informative one-day workshop. Printing an assortment of t-shirts or totebags is practical, fun and incredibly gratifying!

 Students will bring to the workshops with a bold black and white drawing, a high-contrast photo, or a digital design. While .AI or .PSD files are great, we welcome students to bring anything from text typed in Microsoft Word to photocopies. After students refine the artwork (as needed) to be “print-ready”, student will use a pre-coated photographic screen and mix their own custom ink color. Everyone should bring five items of their choosing to print. As long as they are fabric and flat, we can help you print on it! Shirts, tote bags, tea towels, bandanas, and thrift store jean jackets will all work great. Leave with a sample for an Etsy store, a surprise gift for a friend, or an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags!

DIY Greeting Cards: Screenprinting

This is a quick and fun introduction to screen printing on paper allows students to dabble with a new process while making personalized cards for their friends and family — just in time for the holiday season!

You’ll learn how to make screen stencils, prepare your ink, line up your cards and, the best part, pull a squeegee. Just bring a one-color digital or hand-drawn designs to the workshop. A bold black and white image will work best and you will be able to print your image in any color.

If there are particular blank cards you’d like to print on, bring them along! Basic white 5×7” flat cards are available for students who do not bring their own cards.

Students will walk away with a set of up to 20 handmade greeting cards for friends, family and coworkers.