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Introduction to Paper Marbling

This class meets for two consecutive days: Tuesday, November 5th and Wednesday, November 6th

Paper Marbling is a design technique that has been used by paper artists since the 12th century. Pigments are floated on a viscous water-based solution and carefully transferred to paper to produce mesmerizing patterning, similar to smooth marble. Marbled paper is art on its own, but it can also be used as book covers, end papers, and as a base for handmade prints.

In this two-day workshop, students learn the complete process, from preparing marbling baths to creating a range of patterns on paper. On the first day, students prepare paper for the marbling process by applying mordant to paper, setting up baths, and creating marbling combs. On the second day, students return to prepare pigments and pull their own paper. Every student will create five original pieces of marbled paper, each featuring a method of marbling, such as stone patterns, combed patterns, free hand, and the application of stencils as a resist.

T-Shirts & Totebags Screenprinting Workshop (December 2019)

Convert your own drawing or design to a collection of hand-printed wearable items in this energetic and informative one-day workshop. Printing an assortment of t-shirts or totebags is practical, fun and incredibly gratifying!

Students will bring to the workshops a bold black and white drawing, a high-contrast photo, or a digital design. While .AI or .PSD files are great, we welcome students to bring anything from text typed in Microsoft Word to photocopies. After students refine the artwork (as needed) to be “print-ready”, student will use a pre-coated photographic screen and mix their own custom ink color. Everyone should bring five items of their choosing to print. As long as they are fabric and flat, we can help you print on it! Shirts, tote bags, tea towels, bandanas, and thrift store jean jackets will all work great. Leave with a sample for an Etsy store, a surprise gift for a friend, or an eco-friendly totebag!

For those who love this introduction to screenprinting, our 8-week Screenprinting Explorations class will round out your skills and allow you print independently through our Open Studio program!

This class typically fills 2+ weeks in advance. Early registration is suggested.