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Box Making Workshop

Clamshell boxes are ideal for housing a portfolio of prints, photos, artist books, memorabilia, or tools. This style of box features a durable tray that safely holds the contents in place with a drop spine and hinged lid that allows the box open like a book and lay flat. This sturdy little box can be scaled to accommodate just about any content.

During this workshop students will construct a 6″x8″ box and build comfort and confidence in a variety of bookbinding skills: measuring and cutting book board, using a glue brush, wrapping boards with paper and book cloth, and planning for hinges that allow the box to easily open and close.

Bookmaking Foundations

This 6 week class welcomes students into the art and craft of bookbinding.

Through the introduction to bookmaking, students will learn universal vocabulary and develop practical hand skills applicable across types of book projects. By creating a collection of sample books, students will be able to identify and produce many of the fundamental styles of hand bound books, use the vocabulary around binding, and work with popular tools like awls, bone folders, and Olfa knives.

This class will not meet on November 24th. 

Screenprinting for Apparel

This 8 week foundational class introduces all the basic fabric printing skills needed to get someone new to the process of screenprinting up and running. With a focus on printing shirts and other apparel, this class is ideal for people interested in producing their own t-shirt designs, creating merchandise for bands, or other commercial printing endeavors. By the end of the course, students will be able to create their own designs, make screens, print their creations and reclaim screens independent of instructor assistance. 

Beginning with an overview of the full process, students will learn how to use our darkroom to transfer their design onto a screen, mix ink, print, and clean and reclaim screens. As the class continues, students will explore how to best design for printing on fabric, how to consider ink and fabric color interactions, and tips for efficiently producing high-quality prints.

Students will leave this class knowing their way around the print shop and be authorized to continue printing independently at Spudnik Press Cooperative through our Open Studio program.

This class will not meet on November 23rd.