Comics Experiments in Risography

Comics are a versatile story-telling medium that combine text and images to tell stories in playful ways. In this comics-based risography class, students will create a series of three experimental comics projects that explore varied approaches to combining text and illustration in simple book forms. Delving into exactly how and why comics work, students will learn about the design and production of microcomics and how to sequence content in a book.

Alongside exploring the art of comics, student will learn the basics of risography printing. Risography is a relatively new mechanical printing process that is rising in popularity among artists and community print studios. Producing offset-like prints in a variety of colors, it is a perfect mode of creation for those interested in illustration, comics, writing or book arts.

Through the professional instruction of Alex Kostiw, by the end of this eight-week class students will know their way around the print shop and be well equipped to continue risography printing independently at Spudnik Press Cooperative.

Please note: Each student will have a dedicated work station and enrollment is limited to 4 students to ensure social distancing. Students will be expected to disinfect shared resources after use and follow all our Covid-related safety precautions. The class fees cover tuition as well as consumable studio supplies.