Documenting Your Artwork for Under $100

As a visual artist, the importance of high-quality art documentation cannot be over stated. Join artist and professional photographer, Maureen Cooper, for this hands-on artwork documentation workshop and gain not only a dozen professional slides of your most recent body of work, but the know how to continue documenting your own work in the future.

Participants will work independently and in small groups to take high-quality digital photographs of their artwork. Participants will learn how to use (and where to rent) a professional light kit, plus the best go-to camera settings for either the Spudnik Press digital SLR or their personal camera. Once at a computer, Maureen will share best practices and plenty of handy tips for editing digital slides.

Participants should bring a selection of flat artwork (paintings, drawings and prints) and if possible, a personal camera and/or laptop with Adobe Photoshop. Each participant will be able to document about a dozen artworks.

Presenter Bio:

Helen Maurene Cooper’s photographs focus on fractured storytelling traditions that have resulted from pop culture, which has ultimately distorted location, subjects, and detail. Helen’s other projects explore the geographical, cultural, and socio-political influence on the aesthetics of Chicago nail art.

Finding Your Audience; Gaining Recognition is a free event kicking of our 2016 Professional Development Series What You Didn’t Learn in Art School:

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