NOTICE: Group Studio Access Trainings Suspended | Private Trainings Are Available

The first step to printing at Spudnik Press Cooperative is to attend a Studio Access Training to become authorized for the equipment or area of the studio they would like to use.

Studio Authorization Sessions ensure that all makers are able to confidently use equipment in our studios and follow our procedures and guidelines.

These sessions are not lessons: they are for makers who already have satisfactory knowledge of their craft.

Spudnik Press Cooperative is in the process of cautiously reopening our studios. Staff are committed to providing as many reasonable health and safety precautions as possible to ensure that our community has access to the resources they need while being able to feel comfortable in our space.

Part of our Covid-19 related studio modifications includes capacity limits the prevent us from offering group trainings. However, staff are able to offer individual authorizations in any area of our studio.

To remain as accessible and welcoming as possible while ensuring the health and safety of both staff and visitors, we are temporarily offering partially online trainings:

Part 1: Online via Zoom

  • General orientation to our mission and programs
  • Overview of skill checklist; Review prior experience in area(s) seeking authorization
  • General Q&A to help minimize contact during “Part 2”
  • Determine work plan for “Part 2” to allow adequate assessment of skills

Part 2: On Site

  • Individual studio tour
  • Safety demonstrations
  • Review of any process or skills that could not be addressed through zoom
  • Brief period to work in the studio with staff on hand for support
  • Review skill checklist and confirm authorization.

Available Studio Access Trainings:

  • Intaglio (3 hours) ($50)
  • Letterpress (3 hours) ($50)
  • Nu-Arc Platemaker (90 minutes) ($35)
  • Papermaking (TBD)
  • Post-Production Tools (2 hours) ($40)
  • Relief/Monoprinting (3 hours) ($50)
  • Screenprinting (3 hours) ($50)

While we are able to offer these two-part private trainings for the same fee as our typical group trainings, at this point in time, participants will not receive a complimentary Open Studio pass. If during Part 1, it is determined that the participant does not have enough experience to become authorized, they will receive a $25 credit towards a private lesson.

Email to coordinate a private training. Please include in the email:

  • What equipment or area of the studio you would like to be authorized for
  • Availability: days, evenings, weekends, etc.

Trainings are typically scheduled at least one week in advance. Instead of enrolling through our website, an online invoice will be sent once Part 1 of the training is confirmed.

We look forward to resuming group Studio Access Trainings as soon as we are able to do so safely!

Last Updated: July 22, 2020