Rumination: The Remix

Have old prints or works on paper that you can’t throw away? Give them a second life as a handmade holiday gift! Join us for a workshop to jump start the holiday season and work on handmade gifts to subvert the compulsive consumption that reaches a fever pitch around this time of year.

Repurpose prints from previous press runs through various cutting and folding techniques. An old holiday card or calendar is reborn as a gift box; Letterforms sourced from printed material become a visual poem; Test prints become a set of envelopes. Have a stack of nice paper with misprinted or incompleted images on it? Fold them all in half and sew them into a journal with an exposed spine using contrasting or decorative thread.

Participants bring old prints, or test sheets or commercially printed objects looking to be repurposed. Transform your misprints into sketchbooks, a handmade stationary or even poems. Bring a stack of printed material from past print projects or even old books or magazines and transform material into functional paper objects.  This meditative practice of sifting through paper objects is also a great end of the year ritual. Come ruminate on all your past prints and push them back out into the public sphere as tokens of affection.