College Internships

Internships at Spudnik Press focus on bringing students into every aspect of facilitating a community studio. Internships balance administrative tasks with hands-on printing activities. Interns assist with daily maintenance of the shop, included cleaning, stocking, and ordering supplies. Marketing tasks include website updates, online marketing, writing short event summaries and product descriptions for new posts and the online store. Administrative projects can include financial and statistical record keeping, processing donation-recognition letters, and maintaining a database of members, students, other authorized printers, and an art archive. Depending on the skill sets and interests of the student, there are also opportunities for assisting with workshops through our Young Artist and Education programs, installing exhibitions, and assisting printers through the Residency or Publishing program. After becoming familiar with how Spudnik Press Cooperative functions, we work with students to choose a self-guided project that builds off of their abilities and learning goals, while meeting the needs of our studio.

We are able to work with students to match internships to their school schedules and requirements. However, internships typically begin the first week of January, June, and September, and continue for 14 weeks. We are able to work with approximately two interns per internship period. Please contact with questions.

2017 College Internship:

To Apply:

  1. Please download the 2017 Internship Job Description
  2. Return all requested materials to
  3. Applications will be reviewed beginning August 6.

Important Dates:

Priority Deadline: Sunday, August 6, 2017
Tentative First Day: Week of September 5, 2017. Dates & times TBD.
Tentative Last Day: December 15, 2017

Current Interns:

Allison Geller
Molly Sheffield
Willa Goettling

Thank you to all of our past interns:

Annie Klein
Maggie O’Brien
Gabe Howell
Geneviéve Westerby
Olivia McClean
Insil Jang
Yewon Kwon
Margaret Hitch

Moon Bang
Liz Born

Elisa Sandoval
Brie Cella
Abby Prescott
Nevena Pilipovic-Wengler
HyeYoon Song
Kat Simmons
Vanessa DellaMorte
Pete Hillstrom
Aaron Smith
Mary Sea
Carla Vallade
Sarah Welch
Nate Cubeta
Ilyana Schwartz
Neda Mouzayanni
Megan Dupre
Melissa Heintzelman
Bianca Diaz
Brad Rohloff
Ashlee Mays
Sara Brooks
Liz Merrit Kong
Zsofia Valyi-Nagy
Adrienne Miller
Vivien Wise
Yetzi Diaz
Henry Novak
Emily Porter
Anna Zitz
Sophie Messing
Grayson Bagwell
Anna Hill
Katie Gullickson
Elise Parisian
Aurora Grajeda
Eleni Leventopoulos
Michelle Miller
Yasmin Panjwani
Katie Beach
Ruth B.
Keara McGraw
Antonio Cardoso