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Finding Your Audience; Gaining Recognition

A discussion of resources, individual drive and what it means to be a part of the emerging artist scene in Chicago.

In the academic setting, the classroom acts as a vehicle for constant critical discourse. On campus galleries provide students opportunities to exhibit artwork, often in a “white cube” gallery space. Parameters are provided, as are peers to attend the reception, and professors to provide feedback.

What happens when you leave the institutional bubble and continue to make artwork that should be seen? How do you find your audience within a city of roughly 2.7 million people? Who should you be reaching out to? How do you create opportunities for yourself? What are your available resources?

We’ve brought together three contributors to the Chicago art scene to take a close look at our city in particular. What are Chicago’s strengths within the “emerging artist” scene? What are Chicago’s weaknesses or challenges? There are many platforms for exhibition including apartment galleries, coffee shops, neighborhood festivals and local boutiques yet few direct avenues to gallery representation. How can artists navigate this unruly network of opportunities? How can artists best utilize continuing education, professional development programs, residencies and collaborations to further their career and their place in the Chicago artistic community?

Join Spudnik Studio Manager, Nicolette Ross, in conversation with Britt Skaathun, MK Meador, and Michael Ryan to investigate possible road maps for emerging artists to find their audience and gain recognition.

Presenter Bios:

Britt Skaathun is the cofounder of Open House Contemporary (OHC). OHC gallery focuses on young, new, and emerging talent whilst providing a unique opportunity to display artwork in an outstanding, lofty space in the bustling neighborhood of Chicago’s River West.

MK Meador is a writer and curator living in Chicago, IL.

Michael X. Ryan is a Chicago based visual artist and has been the Faculty Advisor to Student Union Galleries at SAIC since 1993.  



Finding Your Audience; Gaining Recognition is a free event kicking of our 2016 Professional Development Series What You Didn’t Learn in Art School:

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