States of I: A Conversation | Opening Reception & Artist Talk

Please join us for the opening reception of States of I: A Conversation with featured visiting artists Mary Jones and Jolynn Reigeluth.

Jones and Reigeluth are artists that live and work in states of “I;” respectively, Indianola, Iowa and Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to living in states that start with the same letter, these printmakers have a penchant for building images from a central persona who is at best an unreliable narrator, caught and fraught in a landscape of self.

In their work, both artists celebrate the absurdity of being human by bringing to light those untold internal monologues. These autobiographical works by Jones and Reigeluth exemplify their shared interests in narrative imagery, as well as a love for the graphic legacy and energy coming out of Chicago, Illinois. For this exhibition, Jones and Reigeluth will contribute two bodies of work that culminate in a conversation with a set of two prints – one from each artist – that correspond in size and title.

States of I: A Conversation will be on view through August 11, 2018 at The Annex at Spudnik Press, 1821 W. Hubbard Street, Suite 302, Chicago, IL 60622.

States of I: A Conversation will kick-off with a Artist Talk at 6:15 p.m. on June 15th, followed by the Opening Reception. The exhibition runs through August 11, 2018. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, noon to 5:00 p.m., or by appointment. This exhibition was selected by the Spudnik Press Member Exhibitions Committee.

Images (left to right): Jolynn Reigeluth, These Are My Legs II, 2017 (detail); Mary Jones, Harryette, 2017 (detail).

Drink & Draw June 2018: Dream Drawing with Vanessa Sanchez

What is a recent or memorable dream you’ve had? What would it look like if you drew it? What do animals dream about? How can you put to paper your abstract thoughts and surreal ideas?

We invite you to explore your wildest dreams at our June Drink & Draw! Using found imagery, a variety of art utensils and mark making techniques, guest artist Vanessa Sanchez will guide us through fun and thoughtful drawing exercises that will explore creative approaches to depicting some of our weirdest dreams and imaginative ideas!

Vanessa Ann Sanchez received her BFA in Painting at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is currently the Director of Yollocalli Arts Reach, a member of Instituto Grafico de Chicago, and is one of the lead organizers for Villapalooza, the Little Village Music Fest. Her recent work of zines, prints and paintings have focused on feminism, magic realism, and motherhood.

Drink and Draw is a low-key drop-in social workshop devoted to drawing practices. There are no pretensions, no prerequisites, and newcomers are always welcome. Bring a sketchbook and basic drawing materials, and invite your friends! Drink & Draw occurs the first Wednesday of every other month and features a special theme and a guest artist. Admission to Drink & Draw is a $10 suggested donation. The event is BYOB, but we do have some wine and beer available with a donation.


Image Credit: Vanessa Sanchez, Sweetie, 2017 (detail)


Spudnik Press Community Day

2:00     Pop-Up Exhibition
2:00     Layers & Shapes: Communal Pattern Making Workshop
2:00     Assembled Parts: Collaborative Relief Printmaking
5:00     1/1: Print Politics and the Monoprint Panel Discussion

Come take part in a day of communal printmaking presented by our 2017/2018 Studio Fellows, Molly Berkson, Ben Garbus, Brendan Robson, and Cristina Umaña.

As a culminating aspect of their 7-month Fellowship, these artists have collaborated to design and present a robust day of programming that invites our community to see, make, and talk about artwork.  Spudnik Press Community Day is also a day to celebrate the artwork and accomplishments of these four emerging artist.

Spudnik Community Day will fully activate out studios and include two collaborative drop-in workshops, a pop-up exhibition, and a panel discussion. All of these activities focus on communal printmaking practices and the intersection of various processes and motives within the umbrella of printmaking.

With a focus on screenprinting and relief printing, guests will learn introductory printmaking processes through making their own prints and contributing to the creation of a collaborative group monoprint. The evening will culminate with a panel discussion exploring monoprints and ideas surrounding the political and social implications of this type of printmaking as an art form.

1/1: Print Politics and the Monoprint is a panel discussion with Chicago-based artists on the topic of monoprints and the political consciousness surrounding this form of printmaking. Unlike other types of printmaking, an image produced through monoprinting can only be made once. Using this as a point of departure for our conversation, we will address why some artists are choosing more and more to create prints of this nature and whether it’s a commercial trend or a political statement, or else something new altogether.

About the Panelists:

Jessica Christy is a printmaker, designer, and North Dakota native living in the Chicago area. She received her MFA from the University of North Dakota in 2011 and has since created works that challenge the status quo of human activity and the resulting impacts. Heavily influenced by her upbringing in the Dakota culture, Christy often weaves the Native experience into her pieces. Her work has shown both nationally and internationally, most recently at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jordan Martins received his MFA in visual arts from the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil in 2007, and teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and North Park University. He is the executive director of Comfort Station, a multi-disciplinary art space. Martins’s visual work is based in collage processes, including mixed media two dimensional work, photography, video and installation, and he has exhibited nationally and internationally. He is co-director of the Perto da Lá, a biennial multidisplinary art event with international artists in Salvador, Brazil. From 2014 to 2016 he served on the programming committee for the Chicago Jazz Festival. He was a resident in the Chicago Artists Coalition’s HATCH program in 2013, a mentor for their LAUNCH program in 2016 and 2017, and currently serves on their Educational Advisory Panel.

Entre Rios y Montañas | Opening Reception & Artist Talk

Please join us for the opening reception of Entre Rios y Montañas (Between Rivers and Mountains), a solo exhibition featuring new work by Chicago-based artist Jonathan Herrera.

The work featured in Entre Rios y Montañas stems from Herrera’s deep interest and continued investigation of the relationships between collective memory and historical instances of state-sponsored violence and trauma inflicted on politicized bodies. Often the victims of these crimes, or rather their bodies that disappear, leave behind stories not in words but in gesture. Trails of clothing are found in the deserts between borders as they get stuck on fences with barbed wire or wash up onto shores of beaches. These garments are sometimes attached to lifeless bodies while others manage to claim autonomy from the flesh.

Through these collographs, akin to rubbings, Herrera explores the connection between clothing and the body, as well as the relationship between forensic evidence and items of personal significance. By employing this print-based process, Herrera partakes in an act of remembrance as he produces tracings and impression of clothing left behind. His harsh, and almost violent, treatment of the objects carries forth into the artwork’s final presentation. Ultimately, the objects of clothing rendered in Herrera’s work are declarations unto themselves, left behind by bodies to evoke lived experiences.

Jonathan Herrera is a print-based studio artist and teacher from Chicago, IL. He holds a BFA from the Minneapolis College in Art and Design. Through his studio practice and teaching philosophy, Herrera engages multiple facets of place-making and thinking in order to express ideas through concept building, process, and materials. He constantly works to create accessibility in both art and education by connecting his studio work, public work, and community engagement. Herrera has recently exhibited work at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, The Soap Factory (Minneapolis, MN), and Concordia Gallery (St. Paul, MN).

Entre Rios y Montañas will be on view at The Annex at Spudnik Press, 1821 W. Hubbard St., Suite 302, Chicago, IL 60622, April 27, 2018 through June 9, 2018.

Image: Jonathan Herrera, Untitled, 2017 (detail).

Gallery Hours with Yasaman Moussavi

Please join artist Yasaman Moussavi during the final gallery hours of her solo exhibition Roots at Spudnik Press Cooperative and her culminating public program as our 2017 Resident Artist.

Moussavi’s personal and intimate artwork consists of etchings and handmade paper. Through the process of layering and reconstructing handmade papers, she fuses the intricate and arresting forms found in her etchings with dynamic natural forms. Her work explores the ties between individual and environment, unearthing emotions, associations, and memories that one attaches to physical spaces to discover the abiding bond between nature and us.

Throughout the afternoon, Moussavi will be demonstrating the process she has developed to make her handmade paper. Guests may even try their hand at producing their own paper from pulp and embedded materials.

Image Credit: Yasaman Moussavi, Untitled, 2018 (detail)

Ten x Ten Retrospective @ Star Lounge

Performances by Allen Moore & Sadie Woods and Melina Ausikaitis & Ambrosia Bartosekulva. Plus DJ Set by BIGGIDZ.

7PM | Music at 8PM

Stop by Star Lounge on Friday, April 13 to hear and see new collaborations from Chicago artists Melina Ausikaitis, Ambrosia Bartosekulva, Allen Moore, and Sadie Woods. Known for their robust practices in both visual art and music, these performers were brought together through the collaborative project Ten x Ten.

Functioning as both an encore of Ten x Ten 2017 and retrospective of prior iterations, audience are invited to enjoy musical performances from 2017 artist pairs (Allen Moore & Sadie Woods and Melina Ausikaitis & Ambrosia Bartosekulva) while viewing Ten x Ten screen prints from all five iterations.

Ten x Ten, established in 2010, fosters collaboration between visual artists and musicians, explores the collaborative process, and presents artistic concepts and gestures across media. In 2017, ten accomplished artists and three Chicago arts organizations united to present Ten x Ten 2017: Dual Practices, which commissioned and presented new audio and visual artworks.

The free event is supported by Pipeworks Brewing Company.


Drink & Draw April 2018: Magical Creatures with Lauren Levato Coyne

Join us for our April Drink & Draw as we take some of the stress out of observational drawing by using taxidermy animals as a point of departure. Our guest artist is Lauren Levato Coyne, known for her fairytale-like drawings that combine simple figurative line renderings with lush illustrations of creatures. She will lead light-hearted drawing activities inspired by her own artistic practice and interest in blurring reality and non-reality. We’ll provide an array of still life props, including taxidermy specimen, for inspiration. By adding a bit of surrealism and magical flare, our Drink & Draw guests will be able to create their own mystical creatures!

Lauren Levato Coyne is a Chicago-based artist and writer. She was trained at the School of Representational Art in Chicago and studied privately with Steven Assael in NYC. Levato Coyne also holds a degree in Professional Writing from Purdue University and another in Political Journalism from Georgetown University. She regularly contributes art essays and has published several collections of poetry, and is represented by Aron Packer Projects in Chicago.

Spudnik Press would like to extend a special thank you to member Robert Kelsey and to our friends at Woolly Mammoth Antiques & Oddities for lending us some of their specimen for this drawing session. Woolly Mammoth is a curiosity cabinet of odd, amusing and eclectic items and conveniently located at 1513 W. Foster Ave., near Clark.

Drink and Draw is a low-key drop-in social workshop devoted to drawing practices. There are no pretensions, no prerequisites, and newcomers are always welcome. Bring a sketchbook and basic drawing materials, and invite your friends! Drink & Draw occurs the first Wednesday of every other month and features a special theme and a guest artist. Admission to Drink & Draw is a $10 suggested donation. The event is BYOB, but we do have some wine and beer available with a donation.

Image Credit: Lauren Levato Coyne, Quickening, 2015.

Spudnik Press X Booklyn: READING RIOT

We invite you to join us for this very special event, as Artist and Booklyn Curator Marshall Weber ignites a hands-on exploration of a diverse international selection of recent artists’ books, print portfolios and zines. Including: B&D Press, Fly, God Bless Grafitti Coalition, Justseeds, Keg de Souza, LMNOPI, Re:Surgo!, Streetopia and more!

About Booklyn:
Booklyn is a not-for-profit educational organization that distributes artists’ books, zines, and prints to libraries, museums, schools, and universities in New York City, across the United States, and around the world. For 20 years, they have represented artwork designed to spark public dialog around environmental and social justice issues for positive community impact. They are an educational institution that uses art as a change agent, and are building a global network of like-minded culture makers and educators. For more information, visit

Marshall Weber, b. 1960, Syosset, New York, lives in Brooklyn, NY. Weber received his MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1981, and in 1983 co-founded Artists Television Access in San Francisco, one of the longest (still) running alternative media art centers in the US. In 1999 he co-founded Booklyn, an artists run NGO that distributes artworks and programming that furthers social justice causes. Weber has curated hundreds of exhibitions and he is known for his outspoken advocacy for artists and groups that work outside of the mainstream art world.

Weber has collaborated with numerous social justice organizations including: CultureStrike, the Gonzalo Grillo Bus project, Interference Archive, Iraq Veterans Against the War; Justseeds, La Escuela de Cultura Popular Revolucionaria Mártires del 68, and the Occuprint Project of the Occupy Wall Street.

This event is presented by the Spudnik Press Cooperative Programming Committee and is free and open to the public.

Image: Page from “You Can’t Go Back,” an artists’ book by Brian D. Tripp

Roots | Opening Reception & Artist Talk

Please join us for the opening reception of Roots, a solo exhibition featuring new work by artist Yasaman Moussavi.

The visual content of the Moussavi’s work for this exhibition is personal and intimate, consisting of etchings that depict creatures entangled in a natural space. As she explores the ties between individual and environment, she begins to unearth emotions, associations, and memories that one attaches to physical spaces to discover the abiding bond between nature and us.

For Moussavi, etching is a dance of covering and uncovering, building and destroying whatever she imagines onto her copper plates. In this sense, printmaking bridges her inner and external worlds. Moussavi also crafts an intimate relationship between her medium of choice and the visual message she wants to communicate by making her own paper. Upon layering and reconstructing handmade papers, she fuses the intricate forms found in her etchings with dynamic natural forms.

At a time in history when we suffer from great divisive rhetoric and disconnect in and with politics, the environment and each other, Moussavi dreams of growing roots and connecting with the self, nature, and people.

Yasaman Moussavi was born in Tehran, Iran and received her BFA in painting from the Al-Zahra University of Tehran and an MA in Art Studies from The University of Tehran. She also holds an MFA with an emphasis in painting and printmaking from Texas Tech University, where she explored and developed her skills in papermaking, printmaking and installation art. Moussavi has participated in many national and international exhibitions, including the Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Irving Art center, TX, A.I.R Gallery Biennial, Brooklyn, NY, “Norouzaneh” International Mini Print Annual Exhibition at Sagene Kunstsmie, Oslo, Spazio 74/b Milan and Chicago.

Roots will be on view at The Annex at Spudnik Press, 1821 W. Hubbard St., Suite 302, Chicago, IL 60622, March 9, 2018 through April 21, 2018.

Image: Yasaman Moussavi, Breathe on me, 2017.

The Hashbrown Show Down: Spudnik’s Rootin Tootin’ Fair & Chili Cook-Off

All-You-Can-Eat Chili & Tamales | Guest Juror Won Kim | Audience Choice Awards | Wild West Printmaking Games | Honky Tonk & Bluegrass by DJ Lawrence Peters

Spudnik Press is pleased to announce its eighth annual Hashbrown Chili Cook Off — The Hashbrown Showdown: Spudnik’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Fair and Chili Cook Off!

This year, we’re (fund)raisin’ hell with some of the wildest outlaws in Chicago’s art community and we reckon it’ll be more fun than shootin’ cans off a fence. Lord knows this crockpot ain’t big enough for the two of us, but Spudnik Press sure is.

Join us as 18 chefs from local organizations, businesses, and Spudnik’s own members compete for first place. Saddle up for all you can eat gullet-warming chilis in all kinds of meat and veggie varieties, be a part of the toughest guest jury west of the Loop, and try your hand at unlimited print-themed games! Not to mention you can bring your lil’ buckaroos for a discounted price! So scoot your boots on down to Spudnik Press on Saturday, February 24th from 5-9pm. We reckon you’ll have a rootin’ tootin’ time! Just like our chili fundraisers of yesteryear, this time-honored tradition will take place at Spudnik Press, 1821 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60622.

Featured Chili Chefs:

Returning Chefs
Candor Arts
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
Double Trip Press
Fata Morgana Press
Read/Write Library

First Time Competitors
Alberto Aguilar
Barrel Maker Printing
Pilsen Outpost
Spiteful Brewing
Spudnik Fellows 2017

Additional contestants, include Spudnik Member teams, are  forthcoming.


All levels include unlimited chili and games.

 VIP Package: $40 Pre-sale / $45 Door
Open bar, commemorative bandana, golden spoon

General Admission: $20 Pre-sale / $25 Door
One complimentary beverages

Youth: 16 & Under: $8 Pre-sale / $10 Door
Complimentary non-alcohol beverages

RSVP on Facebook


Download the Press Release