Improvised Music Series: Ten x Ten Working Performance

The long-running Improvised Music Series from Elastic Arts makes a guest appearance at Constellation as part of Ten x Ten 2015’s eight-month production pairing ten musicians with ten visual artists to create collaborative recordings and fine art prints. The Improvised Music Series: Working Performance is a rare opportunity for the public to witness the creative and collaborative process as it happens. Relying heavily on improvisation, each musician-artist pair will workshop their ideas and experiment with how to translate ideas from sound to image, and vice versa. Each musician will direct the ensemble as they develop their compositions. At the same time, the audience will be able to watch projections of the artists visually responding and refining their designs in real time.

Ten x Ten is a collaborative project between visual artists and musicians under the curatorial guidance of three distinct Chicago organizations: Elastic Arts, Homeroom, and Spudnik Press. Now in it’s fourth iteration, the project has expanded to include four innovative events. With Elastic Arts Foundation as guest curator, the project highlights the genre of jazz and investigates how artists across media interpret improvisation. Curators Dave Rempis and Paul Giallorenzo have selected ten musicians to create an ensemble that will perform the new works commissioned through this project. Each musician will compose one track, each created in partnership with a visual artist. Homeroom curator Colin Palombi has invited ten visual artists to design a corresponding 18” x 18” artwork that will be produced in an edition of ten hand printed serigraphs. A limited edition catalog of the prints will be paired with the vinyl record and distributed as a collectable compilation.


The Ten x Ten 2015 participants are:

Visual Artists

Salvador Andrade Arévalo
Jerome Bryerton
Uriel Correa
Rob Funderburk
Trevor Goosen
Andrew Holmquist
Hannah Ireland
Vesna Jovanovic
Alexander Stewart
Cynthia Weiss


Josh Berman
Paul Giallorenzo
Anton Hatwich
Keefe Jackson
Peter Maunu
Eli Namay
Ryan Packard
Cameron Pfiffner
Jason Stein
Phil Sudderberg

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Inside Views: Activist Traditions in Latino Printmaking

Join our community as we investigate contemporary prints that tackle social and political issues.

Special guest, Instituto Gráfico de Chicago (IGC), will provide an overview of Latino printmaking, sharing historical influences as well as contemporary artists and groups working in Chicago and internationally. IGC is a network of printers that preserves the art of printmaking by fostering solidarity amongst print artists.

Prior to the conversation, guests may meet local artist and IGC member, Ricardo Xavier Serment. Ricardo will share his artwork and artistic process, and original woodblocks used by the IGC to produce prints. In our print studio, Spudnik members will be producing our signature line of shirts created from carved woodblocks.

This open house aligns with Chasing Posada! A Macabre Populist in the City, an exhibition featuring 19 artists responding to the work and ideas of Mexican artist and activist, José Guadalupe Posada (1852–1913).

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(above image: “Gran calavera eléctrica” (Grand electric skull) by José Guadalupe Posada, 1900-1913.)

Graphic Notation 101: Ten x Ten 2015 Kick Off

Ten x Ten 2015 kicks off Sunday, February 8 with a free afternoon lecture, Graphic Notation 101 featuring Jordan Martins and Katherine Young, at Spudnik Press Cooperative. The artists and musicians of Ten x Ten 2015 will also be in attendance.

Since the early 20th century, artists have found inspiration in the pure abstraction of instrumental music. There has been a rich history of synaesthetic approaches to relating color to timbre and tonality in both scientific and highly subjective ways. More recently, music notation incorporating graphic elements outside of the traditional staff have served as a way to travel the territory between improvisation, chance operations, and non-traditional composition while negotiating the balance between the interpretive power of the performer and the single-sourced autonomy of the composer. With the help of composer and bassoonist Katherine Young and visual artist and musician Jordan Martins, Graphic Notation 101 will explore the history of some of these practices as well as underline the compositional and interpretive techniques as play.This is the first of four opportunities to experience the eight-month process of creating the next Ten x Ten. Following the lecture, the Ten x Ten 2015 artists and musicians will meet their collaborators and begin developing their contribution to the project.
Please join the Ten x Ten mailing list to hear updates as the project develops over the course of the year and visit for weekly blog updates.

Drink & Draw: February 2014—Poster Illustration

Combine bold illustrations with hand lettering to create poster concepts. With the help of special host, Red Riley of Twin Peaks Press, guests will warm up by experimenting with typography, color, and mark making. Next Drink-and-Drawers can  create concepts for a rock show or event, real or fictitious, then use pencils, pens, ink, or the medium of their choice to complete their poster design.

Twin Peaks Press is a Chicago-based screen printing collaborative, design, and publishing effort founded by artists Ashlee Mays and Red Riley. Twin Peaks Press focuses on, but is not limited to, hand-drawn/hand-printed Gig Posters and Fine Art Screen printing.

Drink and Draw is a low-key event devoted to drawing practices. There is no teacher and no pretensions. Spudnik provides a theme for the evening, props, and festive drink. Attendees provide a sketchbook and basic drawing materials, and are encouraged to bring friends. Drawing nights take place the first Wednesday of every other month.

CHASING POSADA: A Macabre Populist in the City–Artist Reception

19 printmakers have responded to the artwork and ideas of José Guadalupe Posada (1852 – 1913), a popular illustrator-printmaker who had a unique working relationship with the urban environment of Mexico City. Posada observed the city from the window of his street corner studio, as he produced broadsides and periodicals to be circulated in the streets. In these, Posada trafficked in a “macabre populism,” giving his audience what they wanted—disasters, freaks of nature, social scandals and scenes of fantastical and everyday violence. It was a vision of an unstable and violent world but also an act of honoring the daily struggle of living. For this exhibition, a group of artists have created limited edition prints and another group has contributed to a limited edition newsprint tabloid publication, keeping in mind Posada and his presence in the city as a “macabre populist.”

CHASING POSADA: A Macabre Populist in the City is a Rotland Press Exposition and is curated by Ryan Standfest.

Featured Artists:

Marie-Pierre Brunel / Tom Carey / Stephen Cavanagh / Sue Coe / Bill Connors / D.B. Dowd / Bill Fick / Céline Guichard / Ben Jones / Kaz / Erik Lundquist / Marc Brunier-Mestas / Yusuke Okada / Onsmith / David Paleo / Grant Reynolds / Arnaud Rochard / David Sandlin / Stephen William Schudlich / Caroline Sury / Wouter Vanhaelemeesch / Chris Wright

Chasing Posada opens Saturday January 17, 2015 and runs through Friday March 6, 2015.

Double // Crossed–Artist Reception

Spudnik Press Cooperative presents Double Crossed, an exhibition of new works by Chicago-based artists Salvador Andrade Arévalo, Kim Morski, and Brad Rohloff completed during their 2014 Studio Fellowship at the print shop. Double-crossed hones in on the artists’ desire to poke and prod the perception of trickery, be it slight misgivings or outright deception. Collectively, they employ a wide range of printing techniques including etching, relief, screenprint, letterpress, risograph, and offset lithography.

Salvador Andrade Arevalo will display a series of etchings of phosphenes printed from a single plate, reworked over time. His repeated attempts to capture the fleeting qualities of a visual phenomenon are documented across variations in each print, in which the surface of the plate was changed or the color of the ink altered.

Kim Morski will present three new artist books that explore the duality of language and behavior. Varying in format in media, each book’s content is related to secret biological weapons tests that began in the 1950s, in which military-contracted scientists tested the dispersal of zinc cadmium sulfide in St. Louis, Missouri.

Brad Rohloff ‘s studio practice includes comics, editions, and drawing, as well as printing the work of other artists via his Chicago-based publishing house, Bred Press. Working with the multiple, Rohloff will include editioned objects and prints that question the autonomy and authority of objects.

Prints from Paradise: A Holiday Shopping Getaway

Spudnik Press Cooperative, a community printshop and crossroads of enthusiastic driven artists, is hosting their third annual holiday sale. This year the theme will be Prints from Paradise: A Holiday Shopping Getaway. On Friday December 5, 2014, Prints from Paradise will be showcasing items made by over 20 artists consisting of Spudnik Press members and local Chicago artists. Goods for sale will include handmade prints, crafts, cards and more. The Spudnik studios will be transformed into a tropical oasis. There will be a cash bar including tropical cocktails and a potluck provided by the artists—all set within a luscious green landscape. Prints from Paradise is a celebration of friends, artists, and the handmade. Proceeds directly benefit Spudnik Press and the featured local artists that create Chicago’s rich art community. Winter can be bitter but this holiday shopping getaway experience definitely won’t be.

Participating artist include: Sonya Bogdanova, Megan Cline, Matt Davis, Tyler Epe, Rachel Kleban, Gretel Jolie Lloyd-Tisdall, Alyssa Martinez, Ian McEntee, Sean McKayMichelle Miller, Colin Palombi, Yasmin Panjwani, Leslie Perrine, Angelika Piwowarczyk, undercover POPULARBrad RohloffNicolette Ross, Aimee Schewe, Maya ShafferLogan Szymanowski, Marta Tiesenga, and Caroline Walp.

Drink & Draw: December 2014—Portraits and Self Portraits

Drawing a lifelike portrait requires very specific skills. Regardless of whether you possess them, join the fun and draw some faces!

Drink and Draw is a low-key event devoted to drawing practices. There is no teacher and no pretensions. Spudnik provides a theme for the evening, props, and festive drink. You provide a sketchbook and basic drawing materials, and come with friends! Drawing nights take place the first Wednesday of every other month. Sign up to receive e-mail reminders  if you would like a reminder a week before each Drink & Draw event.

Hashbrown Planning Committee: Kick-Off Meeting

On February 28, 2015, Spudnik Press will host the 5th Annual chili cook-off, lovingly referred to as The Hashbrown. Join Spudnik Press staff and board as we plan this epic fundraiser!

The Planning Committee first meets on Monday, November 24 at 6pm in the Spudnik Press Annex. Any and all who would like to bring their vision and skills to Spudnik’s next fundraiser are encouraged to attend.

Please RSVP to Angee Lennard (