Curatorial Statement

The Spudnik Press Cooperative Curatorial Statement

Spudnik Press exhibitions amplify the impact of resources at Spudnik Press. They provide opportunities for both artists and audiences to move through a variety of creative roles: making, experiencing, learning, and teaching.

Spudnik Press encourages a breadth of community participation through the showcasing of work relevant to our mission.  Exhibitions create an active platform to expand and diversify our cooperative.

To achieve these goals, Spudnik Press exhibitions:

  • Are selected by a curatorial committee of active members.
  • Emphasize printmaking and print-based projects within contemporary art practices.
  • Showcase the creative, analytical and/or technical processes of art making.
  • Feature exceptional projects, whether produced at Spudnik Press or beyond.
  • Engage diverse levels of professional experience.

Spudnik Press exhibitions offer exhibiting artists opportunities to:

  • Produce new fine art prints.
  • Present corresponding educational programming.
  • Present Artist Talks.