Dutes Miller

Dutes Miller’s collages, artist’s books and phallic sculptures examine the spaces where the artist’s inner life, queer sub cultures, and mass media intersect.  His work has been extensively exhibited and written about locally, regionally and nationally.   He and his husband work collaboratively creating a distinct body of work separately from their studio practices and they also support the work of LGBTQ  and feminist artists through Western Exhibitions.

Email: boardofdirectors@spudnikpress.org

Services Offered:

  • Printmaking Commissions



Residency Period:

Sep 2008–Nov 2008

Project Statement:

Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger’s first collaborative show occurred at Western Exhibitions in the Spring of 2007 and was reviewed in TimeOut Chicago and the Chicago Sun-Times. The Chicago-based couple has been creating collaborative works since they starting dating years ago, this work creates a distinct body of work separate from their individual studio practices. Miller’s personal work is often paintings or collages with themes of hardcore gay, hyper masculine, body-centric images, rather than focusing on partnerships and domestic.

Classes by this Artist:

Introduction to Paper Marbling
Paper Marbling Workshop
Decorative Paper: Suminagashi, Paste Papers, & Paper Marbling
Techniques in Monoprinting
Monotype Printmaking
Paper Marbling
Monotype Printmaking (3/22/22)

Products by this Artist: