Monika Plioplyte

Monika Plioplyte currently lives and works in Chicago, IL. She was born in Kaunas, Lithuania and moved to the United States with her family in her early teens. Plioplyte received her BFA in printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (‘12) and her MFA in Print Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (‘19). She was a recipient of the Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Travel award for printmakers (‘12), the Blanche E. Colman Award (‘16) and the John W. Kurtich Foundation Travel Grant (‘17). Currently, she is a co-director and curator at Three Seeds Gallery in Pilsen.

Plioplyte works in various media such as printmaking, performance, photography, and ceramics. Drawing from her historic identity as it relates to the worlds of Lithuanian tradition, the immigrant experience, and the struggle between the psychological and physical self, she cross-references seemingly disparate parts of her cultural objects, behaviors, and physical life. Thinking about the body as the paradox of contained and container, Plioplyte focuses on capturing the boundaries of the body as object and the limits of its physical extension into space. In her practice, she explores and breaks down the boundaries of human experience and the permanent state of transition however anxious or unsettling it may be. Rooted in feminist ideas and tensions between the experiences of pleasure and pain, Plioplyte deconstructs and reinvents the body.

Image: Monika Plioplyte, I for Nested Pattern, 2019


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