Invitational Programs

As part of our mission to remove barriers of access to traditional printmaking facilities, our invitational programs offer pivotal artistic support to people who otherwise might not be able to access the resources at Spudnik Press Cooperative. Invitation programs help connect and enhance our public and educational programs in order to provide a continuum of support to artists at various stages in their career.

These programs bring artists and projects into our shared studio to enable artistic growth for both the selected artists and the many artists and students who will be able to witness their creative processes along the way. In particular, our invitational programs prioritize exploration by offering participating artists the time, space, and resources to experiment with processes, materials, and ideas.

Editions Program

Our Editions Program invites contemporary artists working in a variety of disciplines to develop fine art prints in collaboration with our staff of professional printers. Continuing the tradition of experienced printers working closely with artists trained in fields beyond print, this program offers the rare opportunity for established artists to deeply explore an entirely new art making process.

We strive to produce new editions with artists that utilizes printmaking processes, materials, aesthetics, history, or multiplicity. Instead of translating an image from one medium into print, we start by asking what aspect of their work can best be explored through print? What possibilities or solutions can print lend?

Spudnik Press provides facilities, materials, and dedicated staff who will work side-by-side with the artist. The lead printer collaborates with the artist to offer technical possibilities, prepare materials, and edition the final artwork. Typically, the artist and Spudnik Press Cooperative each retain half of the final editions, with print sales retroactively funding the project.

Invited artists work across a variety of media, are typically local to Chicago, and have an established market for their work. The program is dedicated to supporting primarily women, artists of color, and LGBTQ artists.

Artists are selected for the Invitational Editions program through an internal nomination process. To be considered for a nomination, please write to us with a brief introduction expressing your interest and a link to relevant work samples. 

Editions Program Artists:

Candida Alvarez, Claire Ashley, Judith BrotmanElijah BurhgerLilli Carré, Dana Carter, Edie Fake, Brendan Fernandes, KGRichard HullKelly KaczynskiRaeleen KaoArnold KempChad KouriBenjamin LaroseJudy LedgerwoodDavid LeggettCaroline Liu, Faheem MajeedJeroen Nelemans, Paul Nudd, William J O’BrienRoni Packer, Steve Reinke, Kay Rosen, Joe Tallarico,  Alice TippitOrkideh Torabi, Amanda Williams, Brittney Leeanne Williams


Under the umbrella of the Invitational, 1xn is a fully subsidized program for visual artists living and working in Chicago. Developed by Kristin Korolowicz and Murat Ahmed in collaboration with Angee Lennard, 1xn—referring to one-year by the number of artists and collaborators involved—offers three, one-year key holder access opportunities to provide selected artists with the resources and tools to have an extended period of experimentation with printed matter.

1xn is made possible by a significant individual donation. If you are interested in underwriting a program or developing a collaborative sponsorship that supports artists utilizing print media as part of their creative practice, please contact

1xn Program Artists:

Alexandria Eregbu
Victoria Martinez
Selina Trepp