Print Club | Erik L. Peterson

From Erik Peterson:

Erik L. Peterson is a public artist, sculptor, and museum educator living and working in Chicago. He is best known for his large-scale urban interventions and neon installations (The Oasis, above, Seep, and Inner State), signature edible ice cream sculptures (CreamCycle and Soft Palate), and public performances camouflaged within urban spaces (Checks and Balances, Two Tow’n and Square Dance). His work often subtly redefines viewers’ relationships to their own vision and understanding of how their bodies interact within ordinary spaces. His large-scale sculptures and performances encourage people to become active participants in the creation of their own public and civic spaces. Additionally, Peterson is a founder of Hyde Park Kunstverein, a community museum and solo project space in Chicago and Qeej Hero, a trans-cultural video game starring the Hmong wind instrument called the qeej.