Spudnik Press Poster Collection | Suite of 4 Posters

Medium: Screenprinted posters
Artists: Anya Davidson, Masha Gololobova, Colin Palombi, and ????

This collection of Spudnik posters highlights . Three of the posters are depicted above. The four poster is a surprise: A 2009 throw back to the early days of Spudnik Press Cooperative!

Courtesy of Spudnik Press Cooperative

If you missed our recent Annual Benefit, you just won a second chance! Spudnik Press is reopening bidding on select artworks from the auction for 2 weeks only! The funds we raise from this auction will go towards our 2019 goal of $50,000, allowing Spudnik Press to begin 2020 with adequate funding. Help us maintain the quality and quantity of programs you’ve come to expect at Spudnik Press, while we work towards our Strategic Goals.

Bid on items through Friday, November 29, 11:59 CST.

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Shipping for this work will be coordinated by Spudnik Press staff at the end of the auction. All packing and shipping costs related to the purchase of this lot are incurred by the buyer. For a quote please contact us with your full shipping address.

Item condition: New