Class: Experimental Poetry for Everyone

Join this class for a fun, exciting, friendly exploration of some of the most unexpected ways to make a poem! Drawing from a broad range of experimental traditions in writing poetry, this class shares and demonstrates new ways to approach poetry every week and emphasizes in-class writing time combined with supportive and practical feedback from peers and the teaching artist, Jay Besemer. Practices that will be introduced include the use of randomizing procedures, found materials, automatic/stream-of-consciousness writing, collaborative idea/text generation and more. Experimental Poetry is appropriate for beginners (“I’ve never written a line!”) yet beneficial for experienced writers who are eager to try new ways of crafting poems.

Students will leave the class with a series of new poems and a dozen practices for continue making more! Students will have the option of contributing or exhibiting a selection of work for the class at Printers Ball 2015: Push & Pull.

Experimental Poetry for Everyone is resented in conjunction with Printers Ball 2015.