Spudnik Press Cooperative is more than a printmaking studio. By offering a welcoming space to be creative, share ideas and pool resources, Spudnik Press fosters community, cooperation and experimentation.  These traits are central to our mission and our vision.  For businesses that prioritize these same values, we offer our Corporate Sponsorship program as a way to bring community-building creative opportunities to their staff, while supporting our mission as a non-profit organization.

Sponsorship Benefits include:

  • Private workshop for employees or clients.
  • Complimentary tickets to annual benefit and ticketed events
  • Logo placement and name recognition online and in print
  • Invitation to attend special donor events

The Spudnik Press Sponsorship Program is developed around what we do best: providing hands-on opportunities to make prints in a welcome and creative environment. This Sponsorship program is a unique opportunity for businesses to offer their staff or clients an enriching workshop experiences at our fine art printmaking studios. Experiencing our programs first-hand, participants will be able to try out a new skill, make new connections with co-workers and reboot their creative practice.  

This innovative approach to sponsorship provides crucial funding for our rich network of programs and services at Spudnik Press while allowing businesses to bring their staff together for a creative retreat, a team-building opportunity, and an enriching fun project. As no two businesses are alike, our staff and Teaching Artists are excited to collaborate with each sponsors to tailor the perfect art-making workshop.

In addition to all the traditional benefits of sponsorship , sponsors are exposed to Chicago’s up-and-coming creatives including artists, curators, designers and printmakers, as well as art buyers, gallerists, and fellow patrons of the arts.

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Become a Corporate Sponsor

For more information about sponsorship benefits and custom workshop options, or to become a sponsor today, please contact:

Angee Lennard, Executive Director