Volunteer Studio Membership FAQ

How does a Volunteer Studio Membership differ from a Studio Membership?
Volunteer Studio Membership is offered at a discounted price, and requires members to complete volunteer time within the first 6-months of membership. Studio Membership does not require volunteer commitment.

Does Volunteer Studio Membership include all of the same benefits that Studio Membership offers?

What volunteer opportunities are available and how do I sign up?
Spudnik offers many ongoing and event based volunteering options. There are scheduled monthly Volunteer Nights and Event Assistance opportunities. Printshop Assistant opportunities are available for those who cannot make it to the Volunteer Nights or Events. Check out the Volunteer Opportunities page to sign up.

How will my volunteer hours be tracked?
Spudnik staff keeps records of all completed volunteer hours. Members are required to sign-in and sign-out with staff during volunteer hours. This will ensure that completed volunteer hours do not go unrecognized.

What happens if I do not complete my volunteer time?
If the volunteer time requirement is not completed within the first 6 months, Spudnik staff will notify the member via email of current opportunities to complete their volunteer hours within a timely manner. If a member does not complete their 4 hours of volunteer time within 12 months, they will not be able to renew their membership at the discounted rate.

If members find that they are unable to meet their volunteer time requirement, they are encouraged to upgrade to the Studio Membership level by paying the remaining $50 difference. Members may contact staff (info@spudnikpress.org) if they would like to upgrade.

What if I cannot complete my hours due to moving out of the city?
If a member moves within the first 6 months of their Volunteer Studio Membership, we are willing to waive the volunteer time requirement. If they move within the last six months of their Volunteer Studio Membership and have not yet completed their volunteer time requirement, they will be required to upgrade to the Studio Membership level and pay the remaining $50 difference.

Can I purchase a Volunteer Studio Membership as a gift?
Yes, but please keep in mind that the gift recipient will be required to complete the volunteer time requirement.

If I purchase a full price Studio Membership and later decide to volunteer, can downgrade to a Volunteer Studio Membership and receive reimbursement or studio credit?
No. Although volunteer opportunities are open to both Studio Members and Volunteer Studio Members, reimbursement and/or studio credit will not be granted to those that purchase the Studio Membership and later decide to volunteer.