Mission & Vision


Spudnik Press is a community of artists and makers engaged with the art of print.

Through collaboration, education, and access to professional equipment, Spudnik creates an environment that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds into the studio.

Grounded in printmaking’s history of social impact, Spudnik is committed to accessibility, equity, anti-racist ideals, and advocating for positive change.


Founded on the premise that art should be a democratic and empowering medium, Spudnik Press Cooperative is committed to being an approachable and affordable print shop; a space where professional printmakers meet aspiring students; a space that encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

At Spudnik Press, artists create and use printed materials to further culture and engage with their community. Through sharing materials, equipment, and studio space, artists are also sharing technical skills, practical knowledge, and creative processes. By pooling resources and creative problem solving, artists at Spudnik Press are able to create a space that is beyond the means of solo emerging artists.

By extending our programming to include exhibitions, classes, free workshops, and drawing groups, we are able to reach beyond the print community and engage with the community as a whole.