Studio Use

Spudnik Press Cooperative is a community-based art center located in a warehouse-turned-arts hub in West Town, Chicago. We are dedicated to printmaking and collaboration. Our studio houses professional facilities and rare equipment for a wide variety of traditional print processes and fine art publishing. Our 4800 sq.ft. studio includes shared work spaces, private studios and mixed-use spaces for exhibitions, classes and community events.

Spudnik Press is committed to ensuring that the craft of printing is within the reach of all individuals who wish to use it as a creative medium. To this end, we have two options for how people can take advantage of the facilities and equipment at Spudnik Press:

Open Studios: 4-8 hour sessions offered 4 days per week
Keyholder Program: 24-hour access on a monthly basis

If you do have prior experience:
Sign up for a Studio Access Training. This is always required prior to attending your first Open Studio or becoming a Keyholder.

If you do not have prior experience:
Take a class or workshop that includes authorization or schedule a series of private lessons. Requirements for authorization vary based on the process.

Visitors are always welcome to visit our studio in person, ask questions, and learn more about our programs during our business hours or Open Studio hours.

Our Accessibility page includes additional information about getting to the studio and using the equipment.