Anita Jung

Member / Past Artist-In-Residence

Professional artist, lecturer, and educational activist Anita Jung creates works of art involving repurposing, printmaking, stencils, installation and shadow art that are known and exhibited internationally.

Services Offered:

  • Printmaking Commissions


Residency Period:

Jun 2018–Jun 2018

Project Statement:

Anita Jung applied to the 2018 Artist Residency at Spudnik Press with her partner Tom Christison. While they are an artist couple who maintain separate studios and studio practices, both explore an aesthetic and political practice that involves recycling and fragmentation. Their work comes from a dedicated practice of making in a world that seems to continuously be on the brink of self- destruction. This residency will examine the cross-fertilization of ideas, techniques and dialogue that influence their works. Their studios are across town from one another, the Spudnik residency will not only permit them to experience working in closer proximity but to take advantage of the planned Chicago Print Crawl through a participatory community-based event.
Image: Anita Jung, Jali Sunyata 1, 2017 (detail).