Cristina Umaña


Cristina Umaña is a Colombian artist who recently finished her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work is characterized by drawings done with a funky, loose line that reanimates deformed bodies and quotidian moments. Her drawings, which intertwine language and form, create a mood that is both ironic and intimate. She currently lives and works in Chicago.


Project Statement:

During the course of this Fellowship I would like to revisit a previous body of work with the intent of pushing it in new directions. The body of work is a series of screenprinted stencils for which I have been developing new ideas. The stencils conceptually revolve around my drawings of body parts which are often deformed, fluid, humorous, and personified. More specifically I have been focused on hands and feet and would be interested in printing them not only on paper, but also incorporating a variety of textures including fabric, mesh, ribbon, and found objects.