Dan Manion

Member / 2018 Fellow

A recent BFA Printmaking graduate of Ohio University, Dan Manion is an interdisciplinary artist and storyteller with an affinity for all forms of visual and auditory narrative. He wishes to continue pursuing printed and moving imagery to expand upon his experimentation with various storytelling forms which allow us to simultaneously escape, cope with, and confront our own experiences with the world. His narrative goals aim to evoke intimate, visceral and empathetic connections between diverse viewers.



Project Statement:

I am interested in experimenting with various materials to craft compelling stories. In August of 2016, my brother and I exhibited a collaborative installation called “We Are Building A Ship,” where we crafted an experimental comic consisting of three interrelated storylines, each covering their own wall. The comics surrounded the viewer, placing them in the center of this imagined world. We used large screen printed comic panels in tandem with painted glass sculptures of the setting in which these stories were taking place. We wanted the audience to experience a fictional world we conceived through small fragments that provoked further investigation. My intention with this Studio Fellowship is to continue my experimentation using print media as a vehicle to produce immersive narratives. Stories ​encourage empathy, which is exceedingly important in cultivating understanding between individuals, especially in the current political climate. ​These stories would be told through comics, vignettes, moving imagery, and other forms. I want to utilize printmaking methods I am already familiar with (i.e. relief and silkscreen) as well as with methods I would like to learn more about (i.e. risography and letterpress) to disseminate my work.