Mary Climes

Mary Climes is a recent graduate from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work revolves around the humorous narratives of awkward lives,  gross representations of middle school and her complicated love of Cathy comics. Her recently self published works include “We’re All Fine” (Spring 2016), and “Please Insert Anything” (Summer 2016).


Project Statement:

For my time in Spudnik press I would like to focus on creating a screen-printed artist book project. Much of my comics work revolves around small town life, characters in communities and their interactions with each other. I want to create a set of materials of various structures and sizes that feed into a central narrative of a small town amidst an unnamed tragedy. I have begun this project as part of an independent study with Chicago artist Paul Nudd, who has been mentoring me through the visual side as well as the overall themes in the narrative. By the end of the project I plan on having an edition of 50 to 100 sets of this collection. My influences for this project are Chris Ware’s Building Stories, Nick Drnaso’s Beverly, and the use of print in Lilli Carre’s various artist books.

Classes by this Artist:

Community Workshop: Paste Papers (Plus Accordion Books!)

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