Riesling Dong

Teaching Artist

Riesling Dong is a Chicago based book artist and graphic designer. Her bold experimental approach to her book publishing projects often challenges the convention of traditional books in both physical design and printed content. Riesling’s books take on sculptural form and she views them as a unique medium for delivery of information, storytelling and embodied experience. Her aim is to enhance the viewer’s experience and understanding, meanwhile creating an object that holds meaning from typography to material.



Classes by this Artist:

February 1 | Risography Explorations (4 Weeks)
January 21 | Risography 101 (1 Day)
January 27 | Letterpress Authorization (1 Day)
February 3 | Letterpress Immersive: Broadside on Vandercook (8 Weeks)
March 6 | Bookbinding 101: Simple Self-Publishing (1-Day)
February 25 | 6-Week Printmaking Bootcamp (Sundays and Fridays)
March 9 | Letterpress Immersive: Broadside on Vandercook (8 Weeks)
April 16 | Letterpress Authorization: Vandercook (1 Day)
April 3 | Bookbinding 101: Simple Self-Publishing (1-Day)
April 27 | Risography 101 (1 Day)