Yasaman Moussavi

Yasaman Moussavi is a visual artist whose work reflects the spiritual attachment to places and the emotional tension between today’s precarious living and the Persian’s poetic tradition of “living in harmony with nature.” Moussavi was born in Tehran, Iran and she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Al-Zahra University of Tehran.

She holds an MFA degree with an emphasis in painting and print making from Texas Tech University, where she explored and developed her skills in papermaking, printmaking and installation art. She has participated in many group national and international exhibitions such as Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Irving Art center, TX, A.I.R Gallery Biennial, Brooklyn, NY, “Norouzaneh” International Mini Print Annual Exhibition at Sagene Kunstsmie, Oslo, Spazio 74/b Milan and Chicago.

Services Offered:

  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Illustration
  • Printmaking Commissions



Residency Period:

Sep 2017–Dec 2017

Project Statement:

Transition, either physically or spiritually, characterizes our lives. Going through different life stages, as an infant and then as an adult, we are evolving through transformations. We may be obliged to leave behind the previous and find the new. The concept of moving physically or emotionally provides an orientation for exploring the transitional intricacies. In this transitional mode, we try to overcome the uncertainty that is the result of being between stages. Each threshold or doorway leads an individual from a previous comfort zone to a new, unknown truth. I believe being aware of each unknown, new stage is valuable for being able to continue a journey in life. Although, being far, resulted in negative feelings such as loneliness and seclusion or causing an unbalanced situation in my life, simultaneously it is causing a passion for growth and discovery and causing an eagerness for investigating a harmony in a new situation.

During this residency, my aim is to translate human experiences of transition and displacement into a visual language by creating life-size figurative sculptural forms, largely made out of textured hand-made papers, screen printing, natural materials and relief printed patterns. Inspired by the rich tradition of Persian mysticism, I seek to establish a dialogue between interior/exterior, visible/invisible, and micro/macro worlds – an aesthetic quest for unity between competing yet collaborating elements. I let my figures proudly stand for what they manifest but at the same time what they are hiding inside where they contain detailed lines, mystical hybrid forms interwoven with the texture of the paper; a dialectic play between inside and outside. I plan to use papermaking techniques to incorporate the formal quality of seeds and fibers into my overall printmaking design. For me, plants, leaves, and branches can convey the memories translatable to the present time. My final exhibition will be a ‘dja’am’ (‘gathering’) of all figures installed as they are being caught in transitional states of a (physical as well as spiritual) journey. A festive that renders the collective aspects of living in communal spaces embodied by their interactions but at the same time underscores the individually of each figure.

Classes by this Artist:

Community Workshop: Handmade Paper: Adventures with Pulp, Embedding, and Laminating
Papermaking (Sept 2017)
Papermaking: Pulp, Sculpt and Print